Subsidy Lab

The Subsidy grant has officially ended but this extremely productive collaboration continues. Future work with David, Megan and Aaron will involve consumer diet reconstruction using stable isotope and fatty acid biomarkers, POM spatial modeling and many other topics.

Dr. David Duggins, Principle Investigator. David has a long history in kelp forest ecology and the Grand daddy of the subsidy lab (referring to his influence, not his age, of course). Our current research is based largely on his work in Alaska using stable isotopes to investigate the contribution of kelp to nearshore food webs. 

Dr. Megan Dethier, Principle Investigator. Megan is our in-house stats consultant and the multivariate stat guru. She brings to our lab a lot of experience with ecological communities and a sharp sense of humor. She is an amazing teacher and mentor. See more about Megan here.  

Aaron Galloway is a professor at the Oregon Institute for Marine Biology and was a co-worker in the Spatial Subsidy Lab at FHL. He specializes in fatty acids as biomarkers. Aaron lead our biomarker validation projects. He is a great dive buddy and would probably sell his soul for one more dive. Follow his research here.

Morgan Eisenlord is now a graduate student at Cornell. Morgan started as a zoobot in spring of 2012, but we wouldn't let her leave. She is an essential collaborator with Aaron working on feeding trials and is rapidly becoming an expert on fatty acid fractionation. Her current work focuses on marine disease ecology.

Wendel Raymond is now a graduate student at the University of Alaska. Wendel and I collaborated on many projects involving urchins and kelp.