I am a PhD candidate at the University of Washington. My research interests center mostly on interactions among marine plants and animals and their environment, and understanding how life, as it always does, finds a way (JPark reference...). This theme has developed through a diversity of research projects in freshwater, marine, urban, polar, pelagic, nearshore and subtidal ecosystems. These projects have instilled in me an interest in environmental variability and the lessons we can learn from it. As such, my work is based in the field and involves a healthy dose of observation. I primarily work in marine systems and am attempting to integrate oceanography and marine benthic ecology.

I use a variety of tools in my research. Research projects have included the use of:


- Stable Isotopes

- Fatty Acids

- pH analysis

- Physiological-based modeling

- Pigment Analysis (Chlorophyll, MAAs)

- Feeding and Growth Experiments

- Underwater Species Surveys

- Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Sampling

- Multivariate Statistical Analyses


See the publications page for details!