I am a researcher at the University of Washington. My research interests center mostly on interactions among marine plants and animals and their environment. This theme has developed through a diversity of research projects in freshwater, marine, urban, polar, pelagic, nearshore and subtidal ecosystems. These projects have instilled in me a love for environmental variability and the lessons we can learn from it. I primarily work in marine systems these days and am attempting to integrate oceanography and marine benthic ecology. My interests are more in ecosystem processes and mechanisms than a particular organism (though I do have a soft-spot for urchins and krill). This website is mostly dedicated to that research, past and present. 

I use a variety of tools in my research. Research projects have included the use of:


- Stable Isotopes

- Fatty Acids

- pH analysis

- Physiological-based modeling

- Pigment Analysis (Chlorophyll, MAAs)

- Feeding and Growth Experiments

- Underwater Species Surveys

- Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Sampling

- Multivariate Statistical Analyses


See the publications page for details!