I am a MarineGEO postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Institution. I got my PhD in Biology at the University of Washington. My research uses an ecosystem-based approach to understand the effects of environmental change on aquatic organisms through food web and physiological interactions in coastal estuaries and marine ecosystems. My goal is to integrate oceanography, physiology and community ecology. This theme has developed through a diversity of research projects in freshwater, marine, urban, polar, pelagic, nearshore and subtidal ecosystems. From these projects I have gained an appreciation for environmental variability and the lessons we can learn from observing it. My work is based largely in the field and involves a healthy dose of observation with a lavish splash of experimentation.

This ecosystem-based approach requires a range of techniques to test alternate hypotheses in complex systems. I use a variety of tools in my research that have been developed in collaboration with researchers at universities, government agencies, and consulting firms. Research projects have included the use of:


- Stable Isotope and fatty acid biomarkers

- Carbonate chemistry analysis

- Physiological experiments and modeling

- Species surveys

- In Situ environmental manipulations and experiments

- Multivariate Statistical Analyses