Research philosophy

As a scientist, I am driven to establish collaborative teams that span multiple disciplines to solve basic mysteries of natural history. My guiding principles are 1) listen to the data, and 2) challenge your assumptions! My passion for field work and natural history makes me a natural proponent for place-based ecology. Through an understanding of ecosystem processes occurring at multiple scales of organization within a specific environment, I hope to improve our collective ability to support healthy ecosystem function now and in the future.


Prior to starting my postdoc in Maryland, I did my PHD in Seattle and worked at the Friday Harbor Labs in the San Juan Islands, WA, as a lab manager for an NSF funded research group (Subsidy Lab!). Before my time at FHL, I completed a Master's degree in the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. These diverse perspectives have given me an appreciation for, and a unique approach to, ecology. Ecological interactions are inherently context-dependent, a context defined by the environment. My work focuses on understanding the influence of environmental variability on ecological interactions and how this can inform predictive frameworks.


My focus on observation and natural variability presents many opportunities for teaching and mentoring. I strive to become a better teacher and make every effort to include developing researchers in my work. I am committed to my communities and work hard to create a fun, productive environment built on respect, humility, and compassion.