Born from the storm

Energy from the sun transforms as sky rises and pressure shifts

winds blow miles unobstructed, friction massages the ocean

ripples turn to white caps, white caps to waves, waves to swell

over the bottomless ocean the swell travels, the water never moves

energy passed by the rubbing of strangers, molecules meeting only moments

without the touch of the earth the swell passes under hull, under-noticed


But when the swell meets stranger earth a spark flares, energy is transfered

lonesome swell obstructed, friction massages the earth

ripples turn to waves, waves to dunes, dunes to islands

over the bottom, less ocean, the swell travels and water moves

as the earth embraces the swell energy is passed as strangers meet

molecules of land and sea mingle as the swell rises

and curls

and crashes

earth turns to liquid, ocean turns to sky

a fleeting yet eternal union among earth, ocean and sky is born from the storm

a world away